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Unintentional Weight loss

Good afternoon,

I wondered if anyone could advise me if I need to be concerned about my symptoms.

Late 2009 after having a endoscopy I was diagnosed with a patulous hiatus and acid reflux. Since then I have been taking Ranatidine medication and Gaviscon to combat any indigestion pains.

Since the beginning of 2011 I have been wearing braces to correct my crooked teeth. My abdominal pains and acid reflux have started again so I am back on the Ranatidine but I have also lost 5 lbs in weight so far since January this year. My weight has previously been static at around 160 lbs for some years.

Could the reason for my weight loss just be due to the braces on my teeth? I don't know anyone to ask who has worn braces before and my orthodontist when asked was unsure. People at work are starting to comment on my weight loss and with my abdominal pains starting again, Im getting a bit worried as to whether my gastro condition has got worse.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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I have never heard of anyone that has lost a significant amount of weight from wearing braces.  I wore braces and experienced the pain the 1st couple of days after being tightened, but it never lasted enough to effect my overall weight and food consumption.  
Your weight has fluctuated within 5 lbs?  If so, i wouldn't even stress it.  That's nothing and could be due to medication, stress, holiday's, your schedule and when/the times you eat.  
If your pains worsen, see a GI doctor.
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