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Unintentional weight loss then weight gain after whipple

To explain, my mother had the Whipple surgery in 2014, stomach rebuilt, head of pancreas, head of spleen, total removal of gall bladder, total removal of duodenum and partial removal of intestine, removal of a stent in the liver.  Also a Coeliac and still a Coeliac after surgery.  Diabetes comes and goes and not being treated.  My mother is 78 years old.

The first six months post surgery (2015) - trial and error with enzymes - finally found the correct dosage that worked for her.

18 months later developed Alzheimer's.  Six months after diagnosis went into a care home (2017).

This is where it gets complicated.  Six months in the care home she lost 28 kg (4 stone 5 pounds).

She became so anorexic and no one complained except ME!!! The care home and the GP (Doctor) ignored all my worries.

I found out the GP had reduced my mother's enzymes to one tenth of the dose which explained why she lost all the weight and also removed her supplements.  Explained why some months she literally was losing 6 kg a month.

Gastroenterologist then intervened at my request and we returned the dosage back to where it should have been.  I have also moved my mother into another care home.

My dilemma is:  
Mum - lost 28kg in six months was 5ft 10inch.  She went from a dress size 16 down to 14, down to 12, down to 10, down to 8 down to a size 6.

Mum has now gone from one extreme to the other having lost all the weight she's shrunk in height from 5ft 10inch to 5ft 6inch.  

Each month she's now going up an entire dress size, January this year (2019) was a size 8, February a size 10, March a size 12, April she's a size 14 and in a few weeks she'll be a size 16 - if this continues by July/August she will be a size 24/26.

My concern is with such an incredible weight gain the pressure of the weight on an old body that a few months ago was only 40 kg and now in 3/4 months is almost 70 kg.

Question is can a body of an old lady cope with such a dramatic weight gain?
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