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Upper right abdominal pain, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate with pvcs, anxiety, constipation, gallstones and unable to digest food. Help?

My symptoms are episodes or "attacks" which include; very sharp burning horrible upper right abdominal pain, shortness of breath where I cannot get a breath in and I feel like I am smothering, very rapid heart rate right when the episodes begin and the rate stays high but goes in waves, last time I went to the er they finally caught several pvcs on the EKG, along with the attacks I have serious anxiety and I cannot be comfortable, the pain makes me feel like I am going to die and I have a serious feeling of panic and fear, I have had constipation for about 3 years now due to a opiate medication for pain, I was diagnosed with gallstones but my gallbladder is not infected or swollen and my gastroenterologist does not feel like my pain is due to gallbladder whatsoever nor that I need to consider having it removed because my pain is on the opposite side from the gallbladder and I am unable to digest food properly; the attacks can happen after a fatty meal but sometimes they just happen out of the blue for no reason. The attacks were infrequent and I visited the ER each time I had one about once a month thinking it was a heart attack or gallbladder attack. On one of these er visits I was given a G.I. cocktail, dilaudid and phenergan which stopped the attack. On that visit they did a gallbladder ultrasound finding the gallstones. I went to the gastroenterologist for a second opinion before having surgery as suggested at the ER. I was put on Xifaxan, protonix and phenergan as well as a probiotic, to no avail...I had a cat scan of the lower abdomen which was normal in every way. some stool was seen. The upper right abdominal pain is seriously killing me. It hurts so much every time I have a strange attack my day is ruined and I can only take phenergan to knock me out and sleep til it is gone. Since I know I will live through these I don't go to the ER anymore...but there seems to be no solution and my life isn't like living at all. I can't eat hardly anything without an attack afterward. I have lost 27 lbs in the past month. I feel toxic and sick. My skin is broken out, I feel dehydrated. Oh, along with the attacks my throat is dry and I feel dehydrated but cannot drink anything and my blood pressure seems to increase but I was told that some of the symptoms like heart and blood pressure are symptoms of pain anyway. What is wrong with me? I am so depressed and sick of being sick. I want a steak and cheesecake dammit! I wish I was normal again. Help me please? What tests can I ask for and what could be wrong with me? If these are not gallbladder attacks then what are they??? Why does my upper right abdomen hurt so very bad and feel bloated? The upper right abdominal pain seems to be the center and core of whatever this is.
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Wow... Reading your post hit home! I have the exact same symptoms as you, except I've yet to have a gallbladder diagnosis despite numerous testing.

I was diagnosed with a hormone disorder and my endocrinologist thought my digestive woes were related. I've been on treatment for 6 months and have only experienced a 5% improvement.

I was diagnosed with PVCs (abnormal heart rhythm) and as I type laying in my bed my heart is beating like mad and my upper right abdominal quadrant is burning.

Please let me know if you've made any progress.
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I have gallstones and take a medication called urdodiol, it helps!  If a prescription of this helps you then its gallstones.  This med helps dissolve the stones.
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Demigoul,    You have the classic symptoms of gallbladder attacks.
You said URQ pain... that's where the gallbladder is located, plus they found gallstones.    Sound like it is definitely a gallbladder problem, although there may be other issues.  Try a new doctor.
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