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Vagus nerve and GI symptoms / high lipase

I developed sinus bradycardia seemingly out of nowhere as well as some hypotension and dizziness standing up, etc.  Have a history of alcohol abuse which was intermixed with epigastric tenderness (assuming pancreas).  Now sober 3 months.  Also had elevated bilirubin which has now reversed (normal AST/ALT/GGT etc)

Around the time I last quit, I had developed a range of symptoms including bradycardia all the way down to low 40s at night and 50-60 during the day (very unusual for me and I do have symptoms associated with it).  No problem getting HR up when moving around though.  

After quitting I had many symptoms slowly improve.  Bilirubin was elevated (up to 2.7 total / 0.8 direct) but went back to normal levels slowly over 2 months.  The epigastric tenderness is usually gone but occasionally flares a tiny bit.
Recent lipase result was 95 (reference range for lab was upper limit 60).  Normal amylase.  Normal Abdominal CT 3 weeks ago.

The HR and BP have had periods where it gets better for a couple weeks, then completely reverses back to where I started from.  Because food caused me low BP and crashing type symptoms I have been on probiotics and digestive enzymes for 2-3 weeks.  I do have floating bowel movements but otherwise normal since about 5 weeks ago.  In general things are mildly improved but I have a ton of gas/belching with food (I eat really healthy and low carbs btw).

What I noticed most recently is when sitting around, if my HR drops to 50-57, I can sit in a firm chair and pull my shoulders back, attempt to sit up straight as much as possible, and this instantly raises my HR to 70-75 and stays there until I slouch again.

My internist had originally diagnosed me with mild autonomic neuropathy that he thought would slowly reverse.  I'm skeptical though, and never had peripheral neuropathy symptoms.  Given this posture situation, and the mild GI symptoms, I'm thinking the vagus nerve is overactive from something else.  

This is a little "out there" so I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on what to look at.
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I'm not sure if you're still having these symptoms, but I'm experiencing something similar now. I don't drink and my bilirubin has been elevated for almost three months. It was 3.6 and fluctuated from 1.8 to 2.7, the last check it was 2.3. I have heart palpitations and an increased rate, my blood pressure has dropped, I have vision impairment, nerve sensations in arms and feet, tremors, and for the last several days GI symptoms. Oddly enough, I had experienced this type of thing a little over three years ago with the exception of liver function involvement and came to the conclusion of vagus nerve disruption. The problem cleared up on its own, so I never went back to it. Back in October, I got into a car accident and had a mild cervical strain. A few days later is when the headache/vision/heart issues started. I'm wondering if I've aggravated my nerve with stress somehow. The last time the symptoms began, I had a mass in my cerebellum discovered (benign) and that was pretty stressful. I'm slowly getting better, but I'm going to discuss it further with my neurosurgeon because my GI said he agrees with me.
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