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Vomiting air trapped in my stomach

I have a problem with trapped air/gas in my stomach. This most often occurs after I drink any kind of liquid (including water) without eating something, but not always. It does occasionally occur when I eat and drink. But it's not limited to one exclusive type of food or beverage. I get what I call "gurgle burps", where the air gurgles up from my stomach, it can sometimes be quite loud, but it doesn't result in an actual burp. It will continue until I get nauseous and go to the bathroom, I will retch and then vomit only air. That seems to help alleviate the problem. For a while. My GI doctor had me try Prilosec, which isn't helping. My next option is the scope examination. Any other suggestions?  I've tried GasX, peppermint oil, and various other "tummy soothers" without relief
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Hi, motility disorders can cause the symptoms described by you. Diabetes mellitus can cause autonomic neuropathy and consequent slower motility of the intestinal tract. Medications to promote motility may help in emptying the intestines by promoting motility. As you waits for investigations to be done, begin with good lifestyle measures to control your symptoms. Exercise regularly. Take frequent small meals. Avoid those foods which are high in oil content. Eliminate alcohol, stop smoking and avoid caffeinated beverages and spicy food. Regards.
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Dear friend
I have the exact same symptoms , have visited different doctors but never found a solution. I wonder if your situation has gotten better ever then or have found a proper treatment. Any other suggestions? Regards
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