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What should I do and should I be worried about my gallbladder?

Since June 2022 i have been experiencing moderate to sever upper right abdominal pain to the point have been to the ER 5 times and several doctor visits. I have had sever ultrasounds and cat scans done with zero results found and one ultrasound where the ER doctor said there was a gallstone. After the Doctor stated they did find a stone I was to see a surgeon. The surgeon reviewed the same results and did not see the stone, so he had me do and MRI which i couldn't do because of extreme claustrophobia, then an ERCP which had undefined as the result, and finally a HIDA scan which showed the results that my gallbladder only had an 11% ejection rate. After the HIDA scan I have not been able to contact the surgeon or gallbladder specialist and my symptoms have continued and some have worsened. When having extreme pain some days it leads to nausea and vomiting to some times foaming at the mouth when vomiting. Other days i will have extreme pain and gas then hours of diarrhea. Since September i have developed itchiness of the eyes with some blurriness (some days that are bad enough i cant keep them open) and extreme temperature changes(where one minute i feel freezing and the next I feel like its 100 degrees while standing in a room that's 70 degrees).
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Why haven't you been able to contact the surgeon? Are they not returning calls? Go to their office and make an appt in person. Don't let them ignore your calls.

Call your referring doctor and tell them that the surgeon isn't responding to you, or explain whatever is happening.

Call them and explain that your symptoms have increased, and ask for help, or referral to another surgeon if this one isn't responding. Really, you might have to become a giant pain, but advocate for yourself.
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The surgeon where I live doesn’t believe there is anything wrong. So I went back to contacting the gastroenterologist who originally saw me and referred me to the surgeon to get a second opinion. Then the gastroenterologist became unavailable according to his office. Also any other surgeon and gastroenterologist in the area are not accepting appointments until mid 2023.
Are you near a major hospital or teaching hospital? The next time you need to go to the ER, go there. Bring your records.

I'm not an expert in this at all, but an ejection rate of 11% indicates a condition called biliary dyskinesia.

https://www.raysheppardsurgery.com/contents/gallbladder-surgery/gallbladder-surgery-questions-and-answers - about halfway down the page.

I'm surprised the surgeon doesn't think an 11% ejection rate means nothing is wrong. Again, I'm no expert, and this is all googling, but given that you have the itching, it seems at least fairly urgent.

Your profile says you are in Ohio. Can you go to Cleveland Clinic? Or somewhere in Akron? It might be worth the drive.
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