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What the hell is wrong with me!

Gastrointestinal Issues:
I’m 41 at the time, 42, as of yesterday.

Hi, I have asked many questions and thought most of my questions were answered but something happened this morning and freaked me out.

11/4/19: I had a Partial Impaction, (unknown at the time). Twice in a few months. First one landed me in the ER with crazy symptoms.
Confusion, lightheaded, Extreme Bloating, stomach pain, elevated heart rate, nausea, almost Vomiting, (low blood pressure for some odd reason)
Chest and pelvic CT Scan W Contrast,
Ultrasound of every organ,
Multiple blood work ups,
Urine samples,
Stool samples,
The works. Docs said everything Normal.
This boggled my mind since I felt like I was on deaths doorstep.
I made an appointment with a GI, then made an appointment for a colonoscopy/endoscopy for 12/26/19. The day after Christmas.
After Eating nothing (basically nothing but liquid food, laxatives, vinegar, chia seeds, Metamucil, and a loss of 20ish pounds 270 to 250.
12/20/19: I expelled a mass so gross, hard, Dark Black, ridged Edges and a large pool of soft gross pudding that came out behind this mass I freaked out. Called my GI, told her about it, took video of the mass (Specifically since that particular sample was to be collected and sent for testing, the timing was chilling.
Post expulsion of mass, every single symptom I experienced for the past month had vanished. Like the events never happened.
Stools went back to normal like clockwork. 9am every day and stools the way they are supposed to be.
Fast forward: a month. End of January, I took notice to the slowing of my stool movements again, symptoms began to return, of course not as bad since my paranoid fear that it would get as bad as it was, I took precautious measures. Increased water, Metamucil, beans, chia seeds etc... well, the symptoms have not gone away and the Stool is becoming like it was. Irregular, generally pudding like with small chunks, liquid like and SOMETIMES small chunks connected with an elastic center worm like. Like a worm with tator tot sized chunks wrapped around it to form a single stool.
The headaches returned, bouts of dizziness and the constipation Returned.
The headaches is kinda pressure like that moves around the head while pin pricks types of pain roam all throughout my Colon.  
Sometimes when soft stool reaches my rectum, a center low pain just above my anus opening and intensifies with the pressing but sometimes helps gets rid of the Mushy stool.

THIS MORNING. I was minding my own Business. I felt my intestines begin gurgle on the Top of my ascending Colon at the connection point to my traverse Colon. A few minutes later, a pain in my back formed and the pain was located just behind the colon on my backside. Grew so intense it almost dropped me to my knees and was gonna call 911. It began to subside a bit, then I got into the shower using hot water, hoping it will end. Well, it ended on its own timeframe as the intensity fell regardless of the water gradually and measuredly. Today, after taking Linzess as prescribed, an hour later the liquid poop came right on schedule. I can feel that another impaction inside working it way, extremely slowly, through my intestines. No matter what I eat, drink, take, medicines, or anything else, these impaction are becoming routine. I eat, become slightly dlizzy and fatigued, mild headache/pressure like feeling just behind and above my eyes located in my forehead. (blood pressure normal) I something new also appeared recently, some muscles in my back have become tight to the point that bending to the left or right will highlight the pain in a localized area just above my hip bone but in the back. A little higher on the right side in the back.

The gurgling in my Traverse Colon at the center of my belly a 2 inches above my belly button.
Here is another thing to toss into the mix.

When I am laying down and do a small crunch, a bulge that feels like extremely soft fat, but hurts like a son of a ***** when I gently squeeze it from the sizes. A sharp intense pain branches out in all directions. PC doc says just a patch of fat but I for some reason I believe it to be something more. Perhaps connected to the issue, perhaps coincidence. I don’t know and so far, neither does anyone else. Not for sure at least. Just judgements.
I’m having problems squeezing out liquid poop. Takes strain and effort even when it’s just liquid. I’ve changed my diet as instructed by several doctors, taking fiber supplements as well as increased my vegetable intake 3 fold. Pro and Prebiotics 16oz water X 8 minimum water intake plus electrolytes, Aloe Vera juice, vinegar and lemon, kambucha, and anything else I can take. The problem not only persists, it feels like it’s got worse.

Please, any insight would be or ideas regarding the issue. It’s not IBS since the things I have done should have shown improvement by now, GI doc concurs.
And today I tested for bacterial overgrowth and that came back normal.
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Hi, do you take daily probiotics?  The best one I’ve experienced is Align (you can buy at Amazon)..little pricey but worth it!  Depends on the person too and Not all probiotics work!  Second up is NatureMyst Probiotics.  Oh, and be easy on the senokot (spell?) please don’t double dose.  Plus it can cause side effects for some people.  But it works for many people.  The tea is good, pick up at any pharmacy, no prescription necessary.   Hope this helps!  Oh, also you could be allergic to something like gluten as the underlining cause.  :)
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hi  did you ever get to the outcome?  what was causing this?
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No. To this day, no answer on the cause. I have no idea what actually caused it. I spent months, almost a year drinking laxatives, fiber, Metamucil, tons of garlic and high fiber foods, Linzess, liquid diets and had to use the prescription Laxative used before a colonoscopy. Since then, it appeared to start getting better. I can go #2 but not on a regular basis. I can go without any aid but only every few days. I go a lot but not often. Docs still can’t figure out what is happening. Colonoscopy was clear after the stool (extremely dry) rocklike stool finally got pushed out.

My opinion after much thought. I think some stool stuck on my ingestional wall and continued to collect more and more over time. Until a partial block ensued. It took food poisoning (salad from a gas station) and liquefied my poop with hard contractions and pushing to get it out. Once I got it out, all symptoms and poop went back to normal. Like nothing happened. Then a couple months later, symptoms began to slowly happen again over time. I never let it get that bad again by taking all the stuff I mentioned above and now seems almost over  besides the every few days now. Sometimes it’s still a little tough to push but once the first piece comes out, the rest follows over the course of about 40 min.

use Senokot.  it is gentle and it works.  daily.
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