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Why Can't Anyone Tell Me What's Wrong??

I woke up one day and was a burping machine. I burp everyday, probably about 4-5 times per minute. That's about 7,200 times per day!  Now, these aren't all gross, nasty burps. Most of them are quiet and come from the back of my throat. It feels like after you drink a soft drink and you get that pressure above your diaphram that you have to get rid of
or it will hurt like someone is squeezing your heart. I don't even have to open my mouth most of the time - is that considered a burp?? Also, sometimes I feel like I have to push them out before that pain in my chest is too much to handle. Sometimes the burps "get stuck" if that makes any sense and I get a pain in my chest followed by a sort of gurgle sound in my chest. What is THAT? It's very annoying any painful, not to mention embarrassing. I would be sitting in class while the professor was giving a lecture and I would feel that pain in my chest that meant I would be burping anytime now. Even though most were quiet, they could still be heard in a silent classroom. I've been to many doctors. My regular doctor who prescribed me a prev-pak which I took for two days and then had to go to the hospital ER because of the pain in my stomach and chest. They told me to get off of the prev-pak and go see a specialist. The prev-pak I took for two days was $80 by the way...with insurance. So I went to see a specialist and he told me it was acid reflux or GURD. I took every acid reflux medication prescribed to me (lost lots of money there too), stopped eating the things he told me to stop eating, started exercising, and even went to see an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor and a surgeon. The specialist sent me for tons of tests where they stuck things up my nose and down into my stomach, attached a device to my esophagus that was supposed to monitor my pH levels (it said my pH or acid levels were normal even though I burped every other second), gave me food to eat and then monitored how it digested, etc. The Ear, Nose and Throat doctor would just stick his microscope up my nose and down my throat and tell me my esophagus was inflamed and write me up another prescription for acid reflux. I could've told him that! They sent me to a surgeon because they said my sphinx (sorry don't know how to spell it) was
loose and wouldn't hold down the gas in my stomach. The sphinx is the little muscle right on top of the stomach that is supposed to control what goes out, like gas. Mine was apparently too loose and would let out a lot of gas. I think they were just stumped and wouldn't admit it...anyway, the surgeon said he wouldn't do the surgery because if it hurts most times I need to burp then tightening the sphinx and holding the air in would put me in worse pain. I don't know what to do. I stopped going to doctor's because it seemed as though they were just taking my money and writing me a new prescription when the old one didn't work. I was not getting any answers...and I'm still not. Why did I all of a sudden start burping? I was watching a television program about parasites and this guy came on and said he started burping all of a sudden one day and it turned out he had a parasite called Giardiasis. I wonder if I should go and get tested for this? Or wouldn't this have showed up when they went in and looked into my stomach? I just want the burping to go away - can anyone help me? Please. You wouldn't think something like this would be so life changing but it is and you can't truly understand how exhausting it is unless you've experienced it. It's hard to sleep at night, it hurts, it's embarrassing and you feel helpless. I even burp when I haven't eaten anything for a day. I'm sorry I wrote a novel but I am desperate to get some answers. I feel as if I've been given the runaround for too long...about 3 years or so. So if anyone has any helpful information, I'd really appreciate if you shared it with me. Thanks.

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Greetings dear Brianna & thank you for sharing your experiences.

You may know it or not, the Earth & its Energy here are changing. And we are changing too. Different people are affected in different ways and this is one of the changes that some of us are experiencing.

I have been burping over 3 years now, and there is nothing that doctors can do to stop it. You can’t control it either. Like breathing, it happens and you just do it.

However, you can help your wonderful body in this process, and it will appreciate it. How? Drink lots of water - it helps to remove toxins;  eat nutritious food;  try body massages/natural therapies;  breathing & physical exercises.

I am a professional & I find it interesting that I don’t burp when there are other people in the office…usually. So, does my Body know not to embarrass me too much? Of course it ignores my wife’s presence and I go “burp crazy”. And the night is a great opportunity to burp so we are sleeping in separate rooms.

I am professional & I found it interesting that I don’t burp when there is other people in the office…usually. So my Body knows not to embarrass me. Of course it ignores when my wife is around.

Do not resist the changes. Make observations of your changes (journal?) to see the difference that occurs when you take greater care of yourself.

Explain if possible to your loved ones & ask for their patience. Keep in mind it may not be easy… And it can happen to them too.

Be mindful that in process of energetic release (via burping) you may feel emotional sometimes – become aware of it, observe it, don’t let it control you. It may be better not to make serious decisions at that time. It can be done later, in a clear, peaceful state of mind.

Trust yourself. Love yourself.
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my name is kandi, i am 46 years old, i was diagnosed with gastritis about 4 years ago, and have been on every medication possible, not good for the liver, well anyways, the past 2 months i have been belching continuous, once it starts it is crazy, i feel like i have to puke and i want to make myself puke thinking that something is stuck and once i do that it will all be better, wrong, i can not stand it, i finally have an appointment to have a consult with my doctor the end of march, i am not leaving there until they tell me something, it hurts so bad in my chest, i have been to the er numerous times thinking i am having a heart attack, i feel for anyone that is feeling the same way, please help me in anyone way, suggestions, thank  you
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Hi,Read your symptoms which are similar to my mom's try taking a probiotic drink everyday YAKULT is a famous brand available worldwide it just increases the good bacteria in the gut which eventually improves overall digestion.

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I have constant burping too. i am 30 yrs old and thin, i eat pretty healthy. Lots of fruit n water. I recently got this.I know its acid reflux because i am a nurse and knew all the symptoms. i have pain in my chest constantly that is relieved by burping. i tried just about everything tums, prilosec, gas x, pepcid, etc. the only thing i have found to work is pepcid ac. i just bought it yesterday and was thrilled it worked. i take 1 in the morning and the constant burping comes back at night so i take 1 at night. its the only thing i've found to work. glad i found something. try it.                       Joy
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