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Why can't I fart or poop?

For many months now, I haven't been able to fart or defecate without the help of prescription medication. I've undergone a colonoscopy, an endoscopy, stool tests (to check for bad intestinal bacteria, blood, parasites and the rest of the flora), several x-rays, an ultrasound, and several blood tests to check for inflammation, celiac disease, and antibodies. The only thing that was noticeable was one specific iG antibody, but the amount wasn't that high and only one of the types showed an abnormality. I can't fart, let alone poop most of the time and exercise doesn't do anything to move the bowels. I tried cutting out stuff like lactose and even gluten for a few weeks but felt no differences at all. I have to avoid things that are difficult to digest, such as mushrooms, beans, corn, some types of peppers and some types of dried fruit. I've also tried intestinal relaxants such as a Librax and duspatal, but they hardly did anything. Antiflatulents that reduce gas like simethicone also have little to no effect. Oddly enough, coconut oil and ground flaxseed seemed to alleviate the symptoms slightly, but even those lost their effectiveness over time.
I have an MRI to the small intestine next week, but at this point, I'm losing hope that the issue will ever be detected. If this is the case, I don't want to live like this anymore. This problem has for all intents and purposes disabled me because it drains me of all my energy and vitality. Has anyone been through a similar experience (or let's say, hell)?
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Ugh, sounds frustrating.  I personally think artificial means of causing us to have bowel movements backfire as we then become dependent on laxatives to do so. The things that I've known to help are a big upswing in fluid intake.  The colon needs lots of fluid (water) to keep it all moving.  I would increase your water intake significantly.  Secondly, my son has suffered a slow digestive tract and has had severe constipation to the point of it creating a bowel blockage.  He's been in the ER for this and received a hospital grade enema.  Good times.  But the hospital told us that he needs 1 cup of grape juice daily to help his bowel movements happen.  When he does this, BM happens.  He also has added a probiotic smoothie (just a store bought one) and has that every morning with breakfast. Between those two things, he is now regular and able to have bm's without any problem.  ??  Not sure if this would help you but sometimes a simple answer CAN work.
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Yeah, but I've already done all that, probiotics, prune juice, good fibers, etc, and I've always drunk more than 3 liters of water a day, even before this problem (I have only one good kidney, that itself is not working at 100%). And the artificial are at this mandatory because honestly, I've avoided them until it was critical to actually use them and without them, I can't poop. Hell, it has to be a prescription one, the common ones don't do anything other than cramping.
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