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Why do I fart involuntary all the time?

Hi , Im 17 from Morocco
Since the last month I'm suffering from an unbeatable disease .

Whenever I be sitting next to strange people or my classmates I release continually some harsh smelling constant farts ,sometimes I don't feel it and sometimes I barely feel little cracks on my anus depending on the sitting position, it doesn't sound but its smell is really harsh enough to make everybody next to me close their noses , sniff largely and exhale uncomfortably and look at me in such a way that makes me want to kill myself . What really sounds weird about that is that it happens only when I be next to strange people and not my family and close friends . And it becomes more frequent when I be sitting
I don't feel them going out but they exist .
I went to multiple doctors they all said that It's only food , but I tried everything possible (drinking 2litters of water daily , diet , I stopped eating gassy vegetables and everything related but nothing , I even practiced some anus training without waiting for any doctor to recommend it ,
At the end and after a month on researches on internet and medical websites I found a couple of people having the same issue and they all still have it up to now , they all said it mental and the only way to stop it is by not overthinking about it which is logically impossible . How could someone not care if he be hurting people around and see how his future is gone .

Two weeks ago I passed a scholarship test for one of the best private universities in my country and got 90% for the upcoming 5years in aerospace engendering (it's something barely possible to achieve ) and it was a result of 3years hard work , but In condition to get above 17/20 in my baccalaureate final exam that I ll have to pass the next week , this is not our topic , the problem is that one of the juries came to me at the end of the test and told me (what you're doing is impolite and might lead you to be kicked of the university) I couldn't reply it was really embarrassing , I went home and cried for the rest of the day ....

Knowing that my future is about to be destroyed I have no choice left but to ask you for help

Moreover , there are two possible solutions at least to face people and be social again
But they require a lot of money and my family is poor plus they only blame me saying that I lie and nothing is wrong with me :
1 _ to buy some flatulence filter underwear which are really expensive for me (40 _ 50$ which is in my country multiplied by 9 )

2 _  Anti smell medicines ( I asked a nearby pharmacy and she said it's not delivered in Morocco )

So please Help meee I don't want to suicide , it's not allowed in my religion , I don't want to go to hell
PLEASE !!! I don't want money and I don't have a bank account I just want someone to buy it and send it to me weather it's the underwear or there medicine , please I want to live and build my future , and if you have any  other thing that might help me don't hesitate I would be really thankful if someone brings me back to life ...

If I don't answer then I would be dead , thank you for just trying if so ...
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Get activated charcoal and chlorophyll. Am going through same but I have been able to manage it now, not completely but is better.
Thanks for answering , already tried  activated charcoal  , (please for the chlorophyll is it a brand or a genre and what is it's function? )
thanks again for answering
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chlorophyll is highly concentrated in leafy green vegetables  ,the highest concentration is found in parsley ,just eat a bundle of it everyday , it's even better than charcoal as i have heard many commenter saying that .
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