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Will I ever get over C-Diff?

I was exposed to C-Diff while taking care of my father 4 months ago. He was eventually hospitalized and diagnosed with the condition. I was tested but the test came back negative. At the time, I was also on an antibiotic for a boil. A couple of weeks later, I developed diarrhea and for three months have dealt with varying degrees of it. I mostly have loose stools but I go three or four times a day. I don't feel sick, have a fever or chills. I was given a diagnosis of IBS but referred to a Gastroenterologist by my PCP. This doctor did another test and after three month I had a positive diagnosis for C-Diff. He gave me Flagyl for 7 days (I thought it was supposed to be 10 but okay) but the loose stool continued. Then he started me on Vancomyocin , 125mg. for 10 days. I had about three days where I thought I was getting, my stools were getting more solid and then bam back to the multiple times per day loose stool. Last night, he started me on Dificid. I know it is early (2 doses) but not much has changed though my stools do seem a bit larger. I'm scared to death this will not work and I'm afraid I'll never get rid of this (okay I'm being overly dramatic I know). But what is the next step if this fails? He gave me a refill so I assume he would want me to repeat a trial of Dificid. I wonder if it would help to take Vancomyocin again if Dificid fails but at the 500mg. strength. Do I need a stood transplant? Again, I feel okay, maybe a little fatigue but no stomach pains just this diarrhea that just hangs on and on . But mostly worry. Have others had to do multiple trials of different medications? I know I need to give Dificid time to work and to control my panic. Any suggestions just in case? Thanks.
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First off .the correct antibiotics  to treat c diff.is venamyocin.and it's given 2 x a day for 14 days. And most people are put in hospital for quarantine. That is how they treated mine.you need to go back to doc. Cliff can be deadly.
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I know it can be deadly and I asked my gastroenterologist if I needed to be in the hospital and he said not unless I were feverish, having chills and severe stomach pains, which I am not. I've been on vancomycin for 10 days, 4x per day and that did not help. The drug I am on now, fidaxomicin, is approved to treat C-diff.  I am certainly taking this seriously and monitoring myself for any additional symptoms. As far as the hospital gies, they kept my Dad for 3 days and then sent him home with vancomycin which worked for him. I have had it for so long now I wonder if it is a bit entrenched and that's why it is harder to treat but I'm hopeful about this new med. Yesterday at this time I had had 3 bms of soft stool, today I have had only one, early this morning and it is 12:30 now and I don't need to go, even after having lunch. Even having soft stools, a reduction in the amount of bms would be some sign of progress i would think. But to get back to your comment, maybe my doctor is a hack, but he said hospitalization was not necessary at this point.
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