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Worried about Barretts or Worse! Some Opinions Please

I am a 45 year old male. I have a history of Gerd. Been on and off meds for years for flare ups. But I am also a hypochondriac and I am at the doctor getting tested for everything and anything at the drop of a hat. My father died from gastric cancer at the age of 66. I don't know if he had Barrett's. He never went to a doctor, ever. By the time he did go it as way too late. I don't want to make the same mistake. He was also a pipe smoker (lots of tobacco juice being swallowed) and had constant heartburn.

I hade my frost upper endoscopy 10 years ago and have had them without out fail every 3 years. I had one on Friday. I usually never read the report they give or look at the photos because those always freak me out. I usually wait for the biopsy results. This time for some reason I read it while in recovery. it said:

1-Esophageal mucosal changes suspicious for short segment Barrett's, Biopsied.
2-Small hiatus hernia
3-Gastritus, Biopsied
Then I look at the photos, and that freaks me out even more! It looks like raw meat (the suspicious Barrett's area)
Also, It looks like a sore on there or an ulcer. Although granted I am not qualified to look at those images. Perhaps thats a biopsy spot thats why its red?

Anyway when he comes in I am freaking out. He says that he looked at the endoscopy results from 3 years ago that he did, and he wrote the exact same thing for the exact same spot, and the biopsy came back as just mild inflammation, not even Barretts. So I'm like, could this possibly come back as cancer? He says highly unlikely, visually it would be larger with long tongues. He said don't worry.
Anyway I am attaching a photo. I would appreciate some opinions
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