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Yellow corn like objects in stool, please advise!

Hello there!

For the past few months I was suffering from upper abdominal discomfort/ gas cramping. Toke me a while to go to my GP, for I am extremely afraid of having something bad all the time. When I finally did, she told me this was probably stress, and made me apptments for blood testing, urine  and torax radio scan. all came normal. She prescribed me some pills for the gases (which are over now) and some others to calm me down if I was in stressful situations.

Before I went to my GP, like a month before, I started a calorie count diet in order to loose weight, as I was weighting 85 Kilos (Early May). I was eating almost no carbohydrates and eating soup , a lot of veggies and meat and fish and fruit. (Still am) .
This means my calorie count for each day was always 500 or a bit more, bellow my calorie number which would maintain my weight. I am now 76, 7. I also asked my GP if this rate of loss is normal for what i was intending to do and she saw no reason for worry , but I think to know this will matter in your evaluation of the main question right now which follows:

Just before I went in the GP the second time, I started noticing small yellow corn like roundly, although they have different shapes and sizes but just like corn. I have not been eating corn. Could be from the medication she gave me, but the medication is finished now for two weeks. and It's not every day that i notice them, but pretty much regularly, like in every 3 days. I'm maitaning my diet of about 1300 Kcals per day, and eat very few carbohydrates, when I eat it's just for lunch. I also used to drink a lot, less in the last year, and almost stoped completely after I started this diet.
Also the discomfort in the abdomen is still here sometimes, but it seem to have "moved" a bit down to the lower abdomen. It almost disappeared for a while after I've seen the GP and was taking the medication and my mind was more at ease. But now I'm getting a bit worried again I guess.

Any opinions on these corn like objects attached to my described situation?

Thanks so much in advance!
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It’s most likely a ghost tablet”
Don’t worry it’s normal!
Just the excretion of extended release medications for example  (E.g XR such as some SRIs and SNRIs) Wellbutrin, Pristiq, and others.
Medication is still absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract but that is the left over that comes out.
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