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Yellow liquid in toilet, Gas, intestinal pain

For about a week now i've been having gut problems, it feels like i'm going to have diarrhoea, i rush to the toilet and i'm having really brown, smelly, soft stools (sometimes well formed) like the food is being rushed out of my system, this can happen a few times a day
What concerns me is that there seems to be a layer of yellow that sinks to the bottom of the bowl (not oil droplets that float, like i've read about), i'm passing a lot of gas and i think the pain which actually feels more like an uncomfortable diarrhoea/bloating, is coming from my small intestine.
It normally starts up after eating, i'm on a pretty high fat diet which i'm going to change soon to see if it helps, i don;t know if it's to do with the gas or unrelated but i also get a feeling in my upper right chest and throat, i don't know if thats pain from the gas but it feels like it's coming from from my upper sternum more than my organs.
Does anyone have an idea what this can be, i do plan on going to my doctor but i'm very concerned it's something serious!


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I guess the link didn't work, please copy and paste


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Also, I think the yellow stuff is leaking off the poop...not coming out as diarrhoea
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