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bloated all the time, it's running my life


I have been suffering from this abdominal bloating for a few months now. I have a pain that's always on the right side next to my navel , sometimes it's a back pain and also have constipation. I went to the doctor last month and they said it's IBS so I eat more fiber but seems not to help. I am 23 years old male, workout regularly, have a small meal.
Please help, I don't know what's happening. sorry for my English I'm not a native speaker.
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What type of doctor did you go to? a General Practitioner? If so, you need to see a Gastroenterologist. Right side next to navel pain could be gallbladder related, or even liver.
What foods do you eat? You should stay away from stomach irritants like gluten, dairy, caffeine, acidic foods.
A lot of times doctors are ******** and just say IBS because there really isn't anything they can do to help that. With IBS you basically have to figure out what foods are triggering your symptoms and then stop eating it.
But there are plenty of other things that can cause bloating and constipation. You should really get an endoscopy, colonoscopy, and possibly a ct scan if they dont find anything in the first 2 tests.
For the time being, you may want to try a probiotic and digestive enzymes.
What helped my bloating was this one pill. Its quite expensive, but it helped, so u gta pay. here is the link for it.
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You can try these home treatment for your condition:

Don’t chew gum.
Limit your intake of sodas and other carbonated drinks.
Avoid vegetables in the cabbage family, dried beans, and lentils.
Eat slowly.
Avoid drinking through a straw.
Lose weight if you are overweight.
Use lactose-free dairy products.
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