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diabetic gastroparesis

i'm 41.i'm not diabetic.
one year ago i began havng even more stomach problem issues: frequent vomiting,nausea,weight loss....this past april i had a flare up of my rare kidney disease:henoch scheinlein purpura.it's an autoimmune disorder.but anyway after the kidney flare up  i was 24/7 severe nausea.i got to where one week i eneded up in the er for over 50 hours of hard vomiting.i had endoscopy done in june.my stomach lining is like snake skin rather than smooth.full of gastic juices but it was not a bacterial infection as first thought.i did a nuclear stomach emptying test, which i didn't get through the first time b/c of an anxiety attack.the second try i got vomiting between registration and going to radiology.third time i got it.results being markedly delayed emptying.diag: diabetic gastroparesis.
now after all that rambling i'll try to quicker get to my question.the GI doc say's i'm too young for this.and + i'm not even diabetic.but that is his firm diagnosis.ALL my docs,him included are baffled as to why do i have this....is there anyone else here at all with similar stuff as mine?anyone...???
and btw in little over a year b/c of this i have lost just about 100 pounds now....
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m,y husband was always vomiting from a gastric bypass done 15 yrs. ago.  He had it revised and the vomiting got better, but the anesthesia damaged his heart.  Did you have a gastric bypass or lapband?
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no.i've had gerd since i was 19.a few months before these gastroparesis stuff reall got going, i had a partial hysterectomy.i had it done abdominaly....the GI doc said i could have been anorexic when a teenager that was never diagnosed...but i very much doubt that....
thanks for replying :)
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