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diverticular disease etc

I have recently been diagnosed after many many tests with diverticular disease. I also have some wall thickening, spasms (very painful) in my large intestine and  a tortuos sigmoid colon. I was offered surgery to remove 30cm of my large intestine or antispasmodic medication. The medication has eased the spasms although I'm still in pain but not all the time (but for a large part of the day still). Will surgery still be necessary? Am I just putting off surgery with the medication. I have read it's a progressive chronic condition. Is that correct? If I have surgery will the problem be over with or am I likely to get DD again. I've had four "attacks" of diverticulitis in the past 8 months too.
Am I best to stick to the medication and try to control my symptons through them, diet, exercise and drinking plenty of water?
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I can't answer your question on which medical option to pursue.  However, nearly five years ago I underwent a total colectomy for torrential diverticular bleeding and maybe it will help your decision if I direct you to my experiences of this operation which I described to another Medhelp patient who was contemplating it.

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Good luck
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Hi.  I also had multiple episodes of diverticulitis.  It ended up scarring my sigmoid colon and causing it to start to stricture.  I ended up in the hospital, last Dec., with the last attack.  I chose to have the surgery and had it done in January.  I can't tell you what to do and am not sure I know what a tortous colon is, but asides from the recovery ( it is an invasive surgery ) I am starting to get back to normal.  They removed 7 inches of my sigmoid colon.  I hope this helps.  Take care.
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