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I have suffered from abdominal pains for a long ime, in 2003 I was hospitalized, stabilized and sent home with Aciphex and was better in 6-7 weeks. No explanation, none needed I was better so I moved forward. I have completed a 48 week protocol of interferon and ribavirin 24 months ago. I have since, during and some before treatment, had very painful abdominal attacks that have last from a couple days to a week or so. I had hoped that what ever the issue maybe it would be fixed when I fixed my liver. Not so, I have been continually sick hoping the side effects would go away. Finally was given a CT/Contrast last week, this coming Monday I go back in for a colonoscopy. But my question is 2 fold one couldn't this have been seen last year when I had a colonoscopy? And does this have to be so disabling. I have very little desire to anything, besides at times my pain levels stay well above 5 and early am reaching for 10 daily.  I guess s 3 fold diet...... any suggestions.
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