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gastro acid reflux

I have experienced in recent years  reflux acid with strong pain on upper stomach/chest and back sharp pain. I had an endoscopy done which show an inflamed esophagus . As I do not drink alcohol or smoke and I have a healthy diet  
but also in parallel time due to a chronic neuralgia I have to take weekly basis paracetamol .My question is could the regular intake of paracetamol to control my neuralgia pain, be a direct consequence of my gastro  acid reflux  problem?
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So, I looked hard for articles and information to correlate the two.  Nsaids like ibuprofen and aspirin do have a link but didn't really read much about chronic acetaminophen use. How is your weight?  Anyway, just because I couldn't find anything, doesn't mean it isn't correlated.  I speak to your doctor about it.  You'll want to get that handled because long term issues like that can compound and become more serious.  
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