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gastroesophageal nodule found

I've been experiencing alot of reflux type symptoms and have recently undergone endoscopy. The physician found no evidence of Barrett's but did find a nodule at the gastroesphageal junction. Biopsy came back benign. I'm scheduled for another in a couple of months to recheck status. I'm on Nexium 40 mg. which is helping with the reflux tremendously. Question is: Is it safe to continue Nexium on a long term basis? I only found info stating for short term use. Also My family does have history of colon cancers which I get screened for every 3 years, is this nodule a precursor to a cancer although it is benign now? Should it be removed surgically just in case, even if it stays benign for now? Thank You.
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Does your family have FAP?
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Sorry, but I don't know what FAP is.
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That answers my question.  FAP is Familial Adenomatous Polyposis an hereditary colon  disease.  This is usually why one is screened regularly.  To be screened every three years would be the Attenuated form of this. Otherwise, you'd be screened every year.  Talk to your parents about this.
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