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help me interpret my endoscopy/biopsy report please!

so my celiac blood test came back negative for the tTG and the gliadin antibodies (my score for both was <3).... but my immunoglobulin A was sky high (613 with a ref range between 81 and 463) and my GI doctor (who didn't seem all that concerned with my high score and didn't seem like he knew too much about it to begin with) is ordering a full IG testing for all 5 of the immunoglobulins at my request.

what will this test tell me? could i possibly still have celiac? could i possibly have something else?

also, i am copying word for word the written report from my biopsy taken during my endoscopy a month and a half ago. what does this say about a possible celiac diagnosis and/or anything else of importance? my doctor said the biopsy tested negative for celiac... but this is what is written and i want help interpreting it please!

A. Duodenum, biopsy:
Duodenal mucosa with vascular congestion, focal minimal chronic inflammation
and preserved villous architecture.

B. Stomach, antrum, biopsy:
Gastric antral and fundic mucosa with mild chronic inflammation, vascular
congestion and mild reactive fibromuscular and foveolar hyperplasia, suggestive
of mild reactive gastropathy. No H Pylori organisms are seen with routine stain.

C. G.E. Juction, biopsy:
Gastric cardiac and fundic mucosa with edema and vascular congestion.
No intestinal metaplasia seen.
No squamous mucosa present.
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If your IGA is sky high as you say - that's frankly impossible to have an IGA underlying deficiency so not sure why he would be testing all your immunoglobins. It's sometimes visible by the percentages but your IGA would need to be on the low side to even have that sort of suspicion.

Have you considered a genetic test for coeliac - it will be easy enough to see if you fit the genetic pattern ?
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