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help!!!! trouble swallowing

Hi thanks for listening..
I have trouble with digestion....I eat and I feel it getting stuck in esophagus.....mid way.....my mouth always burns or hurt like the skin under my lips...I tried drinking a Coke and my mouth hurt sooo bad....I had endoscopy done and they saw my esophagus contracting and told me to take over the counter anti acids ....Not sure what it could be.....could the acid in my body be off? dumb question....

also, my kids started symptoms.....my two sons have trouble swallowing food
one of the them keeps getting ulcers and fever blisters....
could something be in my tap water?
the 3 of us drink alot of iced tea....

I also have a lot of MRSA outbreaks
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Gosh, your household has really been hit from all sides!  Hey, If eel for  you, do not apoologize for any of your questions.  You MUST have someone come out and test your tap water, particularly if it comes out of a well, or even if it doesn't, get thaqt water tested.  Next, you DO have acid burns that start with the flap that opens between the stomach and esophagus when food goes down. The acid has burn it right out of working, and the acid has come up into your throat, burning all of it, and now it's in your mouth, making it burn.  It's my personal opinion that ordinary antacids will NOT fix your stomach/esoophagus flap, nor will it control the burning that goes right up into your mouth.  So, since your doc where you live doesn't know anything, I would travel to a hospital in a university setting, they have the best docs there, they're all professors, and let them have a look at you and decide what to do and keep you until your symptoms go away.  If you don't have insurance, GO ANYWAY.  I really think they need to operate to fix that flap thing, so it will ONLY open when you are eating, and not when acid wants to burp up.  

You have done nothing wrong.  And since ALLof you are affected, you should get your water tested, and you yourself need to see a gastroenterologist who KNOWS HIS STUFF.  I might add that it's possible your dishwasher isn't working well enough, or it's possible you need a fresh sponge for your dishes, and use a different one, with something on it that has bleach, to wipe off your counters.  You should go around with some alcohol on a dampened rag, and wipe off the surfaces of stuff everyone touches, like all doorknobs on both sides (especially the insides), the telephone, the refrigerator handle.  DO NOT use alcohol on your computer.  You can,however, use it on your mouse, and this is because alcohol will erase the letters painted on the keys.  I hope this helps.  
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