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how to overcome the nausea and vomiting about gastroparesis

my daughter has  been in the hospital for almost 2 months due to gastroparesis. to prevent the continuous nausea and vomiting which is accompanied with a lot of abdominal pain and headache,she has gtube for feeding and gastric decompressor. with all of these, still she has frequent nausea and vomiting. i observe that the suction is working but nothing is being sucked and i believe that.s the cause of the nausea and vomiting. it,s been flushing when needed but same thing nothing is coming out   what do you think is the problem? is it the positioning of the tube inside the stomach? Please help my daughter,who is only 19 years old She,s been suffering a lot already

thank you

This discussion is related to gastric decompression for gastroparesis.
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  What medications has she tried for the nausea and vomiting?  Has she only had a G tube or has she tried other types of tubes?  Has she been tested for other things besides gastroparesis?
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