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hydrogen peroxide enama caused bleeding

I was constipated off and on for some time.  4 nights ago i finally, with the help with a regular water enema pasted a large stool. Afterwards I had considerable bleeding, which frightened me. After some time, I worried about the bleeding and though I should try to clean it using hydrogen peroxide via enema. it instantly didn't feel right and i expelled immediately and then used water to flush.  The next morning I bled quite a bit and had diarrhea and mucus. I stopped going and the bleeding lessened over the next two days. Yesterday, worrying again about the constipation, I took milk of magnesia. 45 minutes later I began having explosive diarrhea, which was tremendously painful - I now think due to jalapenos that I had eaten with a meal within the last two days. At any rate, extremely painful.  I finally use a quick water enema with a couple table spoons of table salt, to which I quickly found relief from the pain. I've since had little to no pain, just occasional discomfort.  The bleeding has lessened very much, but still hasn't stopped. I don't feel sick, other than anxiety from worrying.  How long should this take to heal?
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