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inactive colon

i have an inactive colon ..and it ***** ...i walk around like i have a bunch of food in my stomach ... but barely ate anything ...what is the best way to help your colon ..and get on a regular movement ........
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Make sure you are getting probiotics in your system, even the yogurt enriched with them will work.....eat one a day.  Fiber, and plenty of water.  Miralax which is a stool softener can help as well and it's not habit forming. Make sure you get plenty of exercise as well.
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You sound exactly like my condition was until 5 days ago when I finally made the decision to have a colectomy which is a removal, resectioning they call it, of a section of your colon.  

Mammo makes great suggestions, I tried them all except the exercise.  For her tips to work, you must do them all.  Good luck and remember that elective surgery is much easier than a severe occurrence that may require a colostomy.  

Water is so important, the more the better. Water is definitely your friend.   I found Peri Colace Stool Softener and Stimulant Laxative (the combination of the 2) to be effective, about 3 or 4 times the price of other laxatives, but proved worth it for me.  Don't hesitate to take 3 or 4 pills the first time. Some discomfort but a lot of relief.  Good luck.
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