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intestinal permeability

What is the best way to take a Intestinal Permeability test......After drinking Lactulos/Mannitol is there a difference in collect 6 hours of unrine and shaking then providing the sample versus on the six hour provide the urine .Thanks your for your assistance in this matter. I had a endoscopy and the doctor has stated the result were: Gastric mucosa with chronic gastritis and extensive intestinal metaplasia 9chronic atrophic gastritis. I did a colonscopy and the large intestine is fine but the doctor went further into my lower end opening of my smailll intestine and found five small inflammations so he took biopsies..Would this test help and what way is better as th labs have different ways
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I need help I sent a post on 2/16 but I'm not sure if this website really works I didn't get an answer or maybe I just don't know how to work the website ... I just got my blood test back my LGA serum are 477 H and NEUTROPHILS,ABSOLUTE are 1316 L ... Shld I be worried my B12 number if fine. What questions shld I ask my doc.. I'm still feeling sick . Thanks for your help  
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Hi there!

Intestinal absorption (?permeability) cannot be described by urine tests, though it can be affected by both lactulose and mannitol.
Hope this information is helpful.

Take care!
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