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irritable bowel syndrome

I am Kawsar. i am 33 Years old. For last two years I have been suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. I can’t digest any rich food. Every week for two or three days I suffer by irritable bowel. That time I am having high temperature around 100 °F.I toke Mebeverine HCI  tablet for two month. But no result. I am also having acidity  problem. What I will do. Please help….

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I have been suffering from IBS for a few years now. It seems to interfere with just about everything I do. But I have also spent time in the hospital for internal bleeding of the segmented colon. I spend up to 5 days in the hospital at least once a year. I try so hard to watch what I eat but it doesn't seem to help with the symptoms. I am like you I suffer at least 2 to 3 days a week. The only thing I can advise for you is to keep in touch with your Dr. Tell him about every change you have. Make sure he knows the routine that your body is taking. It can be so irritating  going through this alone. But always remember that there are others out there that may be able to understand your concerns.
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Irritable bowel syndrome comprises of group of gastrointestinal symptoms like spasmodic abdominal pain, bloating, generalized weakness, constipation and diarrhea. So treating IBS includes combination of medicine. During constipation laxative and fibers intake are prescribed where as during diarrhea Lomotil is prescribed. Watch out for over usage of fiber as this will lead to gaseous problem. Lotronex is the effective drug for IBS but should be consumed under doctor's prescription. In your case, don't take any kind of spicy and oily food at all. Take 8 hrs of sleep and try to relax yourself because stress is one of the major causes of IBS.
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Hello Kawsar
My sister had the same problem and she went to a specialist in Boston who talked to her about Mast cell Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance . Sometimes histamine intolerance is due to an imbalance of  bacteria in the gut. She had mostly food allergies and after she learned about the high histamine foods and stay away from them she got better and better.Most doctors just prescribe medicine but do not bother to work on prevention. I dont know if this is your case but that will be an option for you to explore. Look for information on Histamine intolerance and have your doctor test histamine levels in your body . It is done with a special urine collection test. Good luck to you!

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