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jenny craig = stomach problem?


I tried Jenny Craig for one week (about 4 or 5 weeks ago).
Since almost the second day i had started, i've been having such bad stomach craps, with bloating, lots of gas, and i'm even constipated to the point where i go a week and a half without a BM (before i started Jenny Craig i was having BM's at least everyday!). I'm getting slightly concerned about what's wrong with me, because today when i finally had a BM it took about 20 minutes, and my stomach just keep squeezing itself (like how it feels when you puke) and it got the point where i was starting to pass out. I really have no idea what's going on/ if the food damaged some part of my stomach. Comments and or answers are greatly appreciated! : ]

Please help! :(
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Here's where we discover the secret ingredient of Jenny Craig diets...FIBER, and LOTS of it!! You appear to be suffering the very real effects of fiber overdose. While fiber is an important component of our daily intake, suddenly taking in a boat load when you're not used to it can be anything but healthy. Apart from the gas, bloating, and indigestion you experienced almost immediately, excess fiber also dehydrates you because it absorbs a lot of liquids in your system which can lead to severe constipation if you're not increasing your liquid intake to keep up. Not only that, too much fiber can potentially block your body from absorbing essential vitamins and minerals such as iron and calcium, which is definitely not a good thing.

I can see that Jenny Craig is playing on fiber's potential to make people feel more "full" and therefore eat less (even though the constant full feeling can lead to fatigue and sluggishness as well), but such a drastic increase in fiber should only be introduced GRADUALLY, not full blast in the first few meals. I'd have a word with them about that.

Drink lots of liquids, slow down on the fiber, and relax until your symptoms improve!
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Good advice above.  You may also want to try a stool softener to get things moving.
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thank you both for your help (:

I think it may be time for me to see a GI though, since i've been off Jenny Craig for 4 weeks now and eating virtually no fiber...But still having the symptoms.
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What happened ? Did it finally stop and what diet did u end up doing? I'm having the same problem wih Jenny Craig and want to see if I should stick with it or change and to what. It's so comfortable and the food is so good and I'm loosing weight- I'm most sure it's worth making changes but think I must!
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