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luq pain radiating to back

I have been dealing with stabbing pain right below my left rib cage that radiates through to my back.  I feel bloated most of the time.  The pain seems worse after eating, but I'm not sure that is always the case.  I deal with chronic constipation due to pain meds, but I feel this pain is more than just the constipation.  I take Protonix 40 mg. twice daily for GERD.  I tried some Reglan hoping it would help, but it made no difference.  I was also diagnosed with hypothyroid and just started taking a new med for it today.  Any help would be appreciated.
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It could be your gallbladder or Celiac disease.  For constipation I find what helps the most is magnesium citrate and nigella sativa (black seed oil).  Also Colace.  
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I have been having trouble with constipation and gas.  As well as pain in my ribs and back that feels as it is caused by gas.  I also have this problem of food regurgitating up to an hour or two post meal.  Just got diagnosed from the mayo clinic with rumination syndrome which is related to the gas trapped in my stomach that causes pain and then to burp more then normal when it finally releases.  I also got diagnosed with an evacuation disorder which means my pectoral floor is so tight that it is hard to release stools.  The Mayo clinic referred me to there two week program to help me learn to relax my pectoral floor better to have better bowl movements.  They also recommended doing deep breathing using my stomach muscles to breath more deeply rather then using my rib cage to breath.  They told me that breathing deeply using my stomach to help relax my digestive system so it hopefully will be less tight and have less pain over time.  Not sure how it will work exactly, but am hopeful this treatment will help me.  I think that my digestive system got tight and has problems from the SIBO I had last year that was diagnosed by the mayo clinic.  The Mayo Clinic says the SIBO is gone, but has most likely left me with these other problems that I am seeking treatment from the Mayo Clinic right now. Hope these new treatments work for me and  hope this information might help you.
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I meant to say Pelvic Floor muscles not pectoral floor muscles.
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