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my solution

I got the same issue. Bowel movement after fast eating, milk or coffee.
i found some things and it is getting better since 1 month and half now.
i eat three portions of garlic everyday with eating. I also eat clove pills, wormwood pills, mastic gum and also drink cranberry.
I also eat propolis sweets and eat Manuka honey. I stopped sugar and replaced it with honey. I stopped coffee.
I expect to recovered in 1 month and half. But i ll continue this diet during 6 month or one year. I had the same issue 5 years ago. And i think it is a parasite issue.
I performed blood tests. No kidney failure, no blood issue, no inflammation, except high ygt for Liver.

i chose this diet because by choosing it.
if you got solid stools after taking antibiotics, it is definitely a bacteria.

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