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Some years ago I experienced pain in the back of the sternum.Saw Drs at the local hospital,advised me it was oesophagitis.Telling me to refrain from eating any form of fats,oils or nuts,as they are known irritators of oesophagus,causing reflux.
Over the years,particularly the last three years I have and do experience severe pain in the same place,especially when walking after eating a meal of sorts.
I try to keep my diet as reflux restrictive as possible.
So reading various articles on this type of complaint,I decided to prescribe myself omeprazole.(omesec)which worked initially after 8 weeks of taking one capsule,twice daily.
As the symptoms eased I decided to reduce the dosage to one capsule daily,with the intention of stopping medication completely.I may add that now I have had to revert to my previous dosage of two capsules daily,along with controlled diet as best I can manage,no fat,no tomato sauce or tomato sauce base food,as tomatoes are the worst instigators of reflux.
What I would like to ask has anyone,or is anyone suffering from the same disorder,and what sort of remedies they are using,which could help to alleviate this irritating and painful disorder.
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