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oil in toilet water

First I am in the medical field and should know better and will be going to my doctor this week but while looking for information I came across this web site. Six months ago I was very sick, throwing up and diarrhea, I thought it was something that I had eaten.

By the second day of illness I had been  throwing up large amount of bright green bile and the diarrhea, which was also green bile. The amounts of bile were overwhelming. While throwing up the bile I was almost chocking on it because of the amount and the diarrhea came in waves of green bile then turning into dark green strips.

I went to the hospital and was given a MRI which showed that I had air in my portal vein; I was kept in the hospital due to this. Although there was an outstanding order for a stool sample it was never obtained. Also on the MRI showed a mid abdominal mass that was 2.5 cm. I am pretty sure that it was within the intestines, but just a guess since I was unable to understand my Doctor.  

I left the hospital after two days and was going to follow-up but did the stupid thing and never did. I assumed that the air in the portal vein was from the infection, since I had never had any procedure to cause this. I have not had a MRI since to find out if this resolved. The mass in the abdomen was unclear and I  thought it may have been a stone.

I have felt fine for the past six months but for the past few days there has been an oil slick floating on the toilet bowl water that is kind of clear. Seems like a fatty substance but is very thin and doesn’t clump together. I thought at one point that I may have had a low level infection that has caused a fistula from the gallbladder into the intestine.

I am also on pain management for a bulging disk and have been on percocet for about two years. Can the mass be a bowel obstruction? Can I have a fistula and low level infection and still feel basically fine for this long?  Is the oil in any way connected to the past medical history? My blood is normal , also my WBC are normal. Liver function =normal. There are no stones seen on ultrasound. Although if there is a fistula I guess I would pass them without knowing. I have no abdominal pain and the stools are normal color and do not smell. Well this is where I sit at this point and will see a physician as soon as possible. I will not take any speculation by any member of the medical staff as a diagnosis but  if it takes a week or more to see a Doctor and a few more weeks for tests I would love suggestions of possibilities in the mean time.

Thanks you   Dan
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Just wondering... Have you eaten any tuna fish lately?  I had the oily problem after I ate that and I read online that it is a normal reaction.  
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Here are some other answers I found:
You might have a gallbladder problem. Bile helps the body break down fats in the diet. If there is a problem with bile production, the stool can become fatty, waxy, or oily looking.
I think that when oil present in faeces means that the fat in your digestive tract as not been broken down by the bile. If it continues to be a problem then you should maybe visit your gp incase there is a problem with your liver or gall bladder.
Search the Internet for Orange Roughy and oily discharge.

It's even on Wikipedia. I had two pieces of the stuff yesterday and scared the living hell out of myself when I went to the john. I don't know how long this is going to last, but it's hell. It started with some stomach cramping the following morning after eating the fish the previous evening. Then, about 24 hours later, here comes the surprise flatulence and orange oil from you know where.

Greasy and oily stools may suggest incomplete absorption of fat in your diet. This may occur from 3 general ways:
1) Eating too much dietary fat
2) Decreased time for absorption (i.e. diarrhea)
3) Impaired absorption in the gut.
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I heard so much about the fish that people were eating and the orange oil that they had. This is not the case with me it is not something that I ate, so maybe you are right about the gallbladder....anyone else with more ideas of my overall condition or any other insights that you may have. Thanks for the response.
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Yea as far as the tuna no I have not eaten any and the fish that I was talking about in my last post was the one that makes the orange oil in the bowl, which I have not eaten either. Thanks for the comments mama2sofi.

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That is scary.  You know I noticed that when I eat fish I have the same stomach cramping problem.  Sometimes it is minutes after I eat fish that I have to run to the tiolet.  Unfortunately I have been too scared to look at my stools after these incidents, LOL.
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I had ended up getting sick recently myself.  I was throwing up green stuff and my diarrhea was green as well.  The ER Doctor just told me that is was a bacterial infection but couldn't pinpoint what type of bacteria it was.  After that point I have been having the same severe stomach cramps on and off.  Right now I am doing a 24 hour stool specimen and I had to fill 4 tubes, 3 of which had liquid in them.  But, please follow up with your doctor because it sound pretty serious.
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