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ruptured appendix

My 6 yr old son was recently in the hospital about 2 weeks for a ruptured appendix.
when he first had the symptoms was a day before i took him to the er he woke up with severe vomiting and stomach pain, his pcp diagnosed him with a stomach flu, i took him home and tried my best to make him keep liquids down and and keep him hydrated. the next morning he woke up with severe lower right abdominal pain and fever. i rushed him to the ER, after 3 hours of waiting the doctor ordered some xrays and notified me that my son had walking pneumonia. i asked the doctor how is it that my son has no symptoms of pneumonia and still have a positive xray, he told me it happens.
- My question here is can a appendicitis be confused with pneumonia, and can pneumonia cause abdominal pain?

After i left this hospital my sons symptoms worsened and i rushed him to a childrens hospital, where is fever had spike to 103.8. they ran a series of xrays and ultrasound which all pointed to appendicitis. doctor orderered a emergency appendectomy,by the time doctors were in his appendix had already ruptured.
-My question here is, if a ultrasound was done at the other er to find that it indeed was appendicitis could it have been caught in time before it ruptured?

4 days after the appendectomy my son had to be rushed back into the OR for obstruction of his bowels.
- My question here is obstruction of the bowel something that happens due to a ruptured appendix, from all the fluid that runs out?
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If you are asking because you are thinking of suing the hospital, then I would go ahead and get started. Yes, simple things like this can be stopped if an ER person would take the time to actually look. Did you ask them that question at the childres hospital and if so what did they say about it?
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no i didnt even think to ask. i ve emailed a few lawyers reguarding my situation and none were able to help me im not sure i can even do anything about it.
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