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tight chest

My fiance just got back from work and he's saying that his chest has been feeling tight all day. I asked him and he said he can breathe fine and he hasn't been coughing, it just feels like there's a lot of pressure on his chest. He also said that he felt normal when it was raining. Also, he has asthma when he little. Any thoughts on what could be going on with him?
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I do not like to guess when it comes to chest pain. I would suggest he see his doctor or the ER as soon as possible. It could be nothing and given the fact he does not have any other cardiac related symptoms, I would suspect this to be the case, but still, it is better to be safe than sorry.

One question, do you live in a dry climate? Sometimes dust and low humidity can cause a tightness, the reason I ask is because you said in the rain, he felt better, humidity sometimes helps folks, it does me if it is not too high.

Anyway, I would get this looked into, just for peace of mind if not for anything else.
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Ditto the above poster.  Take him to the ER or squeeze-in emergency appointment with regular doc today, whether your fiance likes it or not.  But probably had him a little wheeze until the rain came.
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