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undiagnosed abdomenal pain on right side

I am a female of age 25 married 10 months back. I am facing severe abdomen pain on my right side and abdomen heaviness. All this started after chronic constipation for 10 days after taking an antibiotic(it is cifran 500 mg). From then onwards sitting or standing causes lot of pain as if some heavy weight is pulling my right part of  stomach and the pain eases as i lie flat on the bed. This pain started in the month of jan.I went for ultrasound which was normal, so the doctor said there's no problem and asked me to try to do normal activities with pain. I was not able to sit for more than 3hrs with pain, if I continue it used to spread whole right side. I went for MRI's they were normal. MRI of the thorasic part showed muscle spams.But doctor is not clear of the reason for muscle spams. Its been 11 months with pain and its so horrible, in a body i cant even sit for 5 mins. I completely lying flat on the bed , I have quit the job. The pain is so bad if i try to ignore and get into work all the right part of the body starts getting tight. All the pain starts at abdomen on the right side, slowly my right back and chest are tight my neck becomes tight, my tongue also gets stiff, then my cheeks hands.I will have sharp pains then hand...slowly it spreads then if I go and lie flat the symptoms go away and the trouble stops at abdomen. I went through all kinds of blood tests they are normal, ct was normal, brain MRI was normal. From 2 months i hear lot of sounds inside my stomach, if I sit I feel my right part is tight painfully as if trapped with air pressure and then I lie on the bad I  hear some sounds, as if air gets releases of a bag, air disturbances and the pain also starts coming down. And also towards my sides of my abdomen I see red rashes whenever pain is more..just imagine stretch marks red in color. I am newly married I have never been pregnant till now so it is not because of any pregnancy. I feel as if weight in the abdomen is pulling my nerves in the body if i press my abdomen with hand I fell less pain....Please somebody help me can I get out of this problem.Life is patheric.Is it curable. Till now in my life I never faced a problem but I have a history of constipation it used to come and go as per diet..but these days constipation is always there...I pray GOD to help me ....sorry for such big explanation
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I am so sorry to hear of your pain and discomfort.  

I'm writing because I think you need to go back to your doctor and tell him/her that you are in agony and that you desperately need some help as well as something to manage your pain.  Don't let them forget about you.  If they don't hear from you, they will assume you are better.  Maybe they could provide a referral to a specialist, gastroenterologist, whatever.  I would have thought they would have ordered a colonoscopy right away.  Believe me, it's not a fun procedure but it's nothing to be excessively upset about.  Your health is SO important.

Here are a couple of things that I've found helpful (and reiterate in most of my posts).  You may want to:

Do your own research!
Continue to read applicable posts in this forum.  Learn as much as you can so you can talk to and understand your doctor(s).  There is a fantastic research resource that I've found very helpful called "The First Principles of Gastroenterology": http://gastroresource.com/GITextbook/en/Default.htm.   You can either search the whole book or select individual chapters on the left (i.e.: 11- Colon or 13 - Biliary System).  For abdominal pain overview, check out:  http://www.medicinenet.com/abdominal_pain/article.htm.

Keep a journal!
It's exceptionally useful to keep a journal or a blog and your welcome to read mine if you want (http://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/index/469934?page=5&personal_page_id=8912&sort_by=date).  Everyone who is registered on medhelp has a journal on their home page.  It's a great way to review your situation objectively and identify patterns in your symptoms, medications and pain level.  Hindsight is 20/20 and keeping a log might help you look at things more objectively over the longer term.

It's really difficult to deal with pain especially when you don't have a diagnosis.  You are not alone!  Try to stay positive and reach out for support.  Talk to your Doctor, your family, friends, co-workers, church or social service volunteers or anyone you feel safe with.  Reach out to members of this forum who want to voice their opinions.  Remember though, that no one should be giving you medical instructions or medical advice on health-related matters except your health care team.  

Take care of yourself.  Good luck and Godspeed.

When you do find answers, please post to let everyone know what you found and how you got rid of your symptoms.  It gives people on this site hope to hear success stories.

All the best,

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please answer something for me.. I was not aware that a MRI could see muscle spasm... perhaps this is your pain?

I know it is difficult to talk to Doctors.. they are somewhat brash and dismiss things you feel are important...  remember that you hire a doctor,  s/he works for you !  I advise to sit down right now and write down all of the questions you want answered. Present that to your doctor and ask for specific answers. kindly ask that your be referred to specialist if needed.. and don't put anything off...
have you had a CT ? check if you are pregnant first..  

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