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very constipated, will laxatives help?

for the past 3 days i have been very contipated. my stool is hard and clumpy and when i pass a bowel movement i have to put alot of effert and it hurts and leaves me sore afterwards. i have never been constipated this bad before. will a laxative help me with this?
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There are so many laxative products out there, most of them unfortunately cause uncomfortable cramping, but being constipated isn't good either.  

I would personally recommend any of the Ducolax products.  If you can do it, I would recommend the suppository over an oral (pill) product.  They are much more effective, and generally work a little faster, usually with less cramping.  

If you cannot stomach the idea of inserting a suppository (many can't, that's okay), then the Ducolax tabs will work.  Just carefully read the instructions and give them time.  You don't want to overdo it on laxatives.  Definitely talk to your doctor as well if this is a reoccuring problem.

Occasional constipation is normal, but if it's happening frequently, you want to be sure nothing is going on, and maybe make some dietary changes, as well as maybe adding an OTC stool softener.  One I would recommend is Colace (docusate sodium).  It's just a stool softener without the laxative properties, and when taken once or twice daily, is very effective in keeping the stool softer and preventing constipation.  They usually come in 100mg capsules, that's a standard dose.  Just FYI.

Pericolace (docusate/senna) is also a stool softener, but has a laxative property as well, which can be a little rougher on the system.  I wouldn't recommend that for daily use (not unless a person ha very severe ongoing consitpation issues).

Of course, always best to run these things by your doctor first.  Even the OTC stuff has some considerations.  

Wishing you some relief!!!  :0)
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Adding metamucil or some similar OTC powder to water and then drinking it every day might really help. You can buy the powder at any drug store or walmart style store .

Usually severe constipation is seen with some of the more potent pain medications and not drinking enough water ..We need at the least, 8 full glasses a day and while you are constipated I would drink more then that until this passes.

The body needs water for a variety of reasons and one of the most important uses is to wash waste out of the body.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon

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While laxative will help, they shouldn't be taken very often.  The question is, any idea why you're constipated?  Is this something regular for you, or a one-time thing?  How's your diet -- enough fiber in it?  Eating too much processed food or simple carbs such as white flour, which can be hard to digest?  
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thankyou, wich laxatives would you suggest? do you think something like mirelax will help?
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yes they will help but make  sure the stool softerner has laxative in it..
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