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what could be the cause of my steatorrhea?

I was a heavy alcoholic for 3 years 200-300 units a week sober now 18months, I am male aged 25.
I have had ongoing steatorrhea (yellow floating loos stools often containing undigested food) have I have occasional pain around the right underside of my ribs slightly sharp . I have had multiple rounds of LFTs done including one taken 2 weeks after I quit drinking all with in normal ranges, a ultrasound and CT scan (for a kidney obstruction but would have incorporated my liver) preformed a month after I quit drinking and a colonoscopy all normal. I have had a test for Bile acid malabsorption and a test for coeliac.
I am very worried that the test have missed cirrhosis, I have a meeting with my consultant in  3weeks and was wondering what kind of of conditions I could next be tested for or if I should really push for a more accurate test for checking my liver?  
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How are you doing ? I was a heavy drinker myself, and has several bouts of pancreatitis, and finally had my gall bladder removed (over 100 little gall stones). just checking on ya and hope all is well.
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