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14 yr old girl heart slows

My daughter has been noticing recently that her heart feels like it slows down considerably. She said it feels like her heart stops or acts as if it can not get enough strength to beat for a few seconds. It doesnt last for more then a couple of minutes at a time. Is this normal or ????
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Palpitations can feel like flutters, a strong heart beat or a skipped heart beat feeling. It very well be that's the anemia is causing her problems.
Maybe you should ask her Dr about putting her on iron supplements to see if that takes care of the problem. If it does'nt then she needs more testing. Take care. Remar
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No other symtoms. She asked me what she should look for, but I was afraid to do so because I know that sometimes she will complain of the simplest thing. I told her to pay close attention to the way she is feeling when this is happening and to let me know exactly how she feels. I know that she has been really anemic and I read somewhere that could cause these problems. As far as it being palputations - I am not sure because I dont know how to explain that feeling to her.
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You should have her looked at by her Dr. They may want to put a 24 hour heart monitor on your daughter to find out if she is indeed skipping heart beats.
Do they feel like palpitations? I'm wondering if this is Mitro Valve Prolapse. I'm not a Dr of course and can't give you a diagnosis. I bring this up because my daughter has it and she has the skipped heart beat feelings sometimes.
You might want to have her thyroid tested also. Is she having any other unusual symptoms?  Remar
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