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18 year old male and going into episodes of fatigue or confusion, please help

Well it all started a 2 years ago, where I was drinking at a party(yes I was underage and shouldn’t of) and I got really drunk. The next day I woke up with severe confusion, disoriented, had loss of touch, and couldn’t focus properly, I thought this may of been alcohol poising and I managed to get a blood test, where on my blood test, NOTHING popped up at all. And fast forward 2 years and I’m still getting into these episodes, I work 5 days a week and go gym 6 days a week and I have a strict diet for gym. And out of no where my body just “crashes” like Ive taken out so many things to help this such as touching any caffeine, trying to maintain my sleep weekly, not smoking at all or being around any, no alcohol since my incident, and I try to take care of my health as much as I can. But now it’s so common where once a month I basically go into a state where I’ll wake up confused, no motivation, I’ll be holding my phone(like right now) and be so confused to what I’m doing, I’ve had a brain scan which the results turned out just normal, numerous blood tests, and everything turns out normal, and I’ve never been this scared in my life, where once a month I basically get like this and it’ll last 7-9 days straight, I’ll just be in bed and I’ll struggle to even sleep properly, I thought this was brain fog but I honestly have to clue and still haven’t found out why this happens, it lately happened because I came home on the weekend extremely late both nights and woke up exhausted and then on Monday I woke up feeling even worse, and the thing is this thing never gets better earlier it’s ALWAYS like 7-9 days no matter what I do I’m so scared and I don’t know what to do.
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Sounds like you might just have anxiety and be overthinking that one experience
Nah the thing is this comes out of no where every month or every few months,where my head feels foggy and I feel extremely fatigued, I thought it could be the flu but I’m taking medication for the flu. And I used to see a psychologist for anxiety but it didn’t help. That last time that this happened doesn’t even cross my mind
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So, when I was younger, I was a work out queen (a distant memory now, ha ) and I worked full time.  I also managed my weight down to every bite I took.  I started to be very fatigued.  I went to my doctor and asked about it.  He determined that I might not be getting enough calories and may have been over exercising.  I also added in a multi vitamin.  And if you do caffeine, that is a big culprit for fatigue.  So, what is your diet like?  And what are your normal sleep patterns like?  during that time, I got enough hours of sleep at night.  But I would be sleepy at different times of the day and in the evening when home after work, by 7 I would be feeling like I was going to pass out from fatigue!  

If you do not think anxiety/depression are involved, try to change up some lifestyle things.  And keep a record of it so that when you have a more energized day or a more fatigued day, you can trace what you ate, how much you exercised, how much you slept and your stress level.  Oh ya, stress.  I will tell you that to this day, if I am stressed and overwhelmed, I shut down a bit.  How old are you?
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