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Acute abdominal pain, vomiting and burning

Im 36 and last night I had an attack of pain and burning in the abdomen of the middle and lower right side,
This pain did not diminish by placing me in any way, (only walking seems to lower the level).
I felt the discomfort directly in the intestine, and on previous occasions similar discomforts had happened such as abdominal tension, cold sweat and joint discomfort (such as when you have a fever / need to vomit) but there were never pain nor burning sensation.
I vomited several times, after which the discomfort progressively disappeared.
Now I feel the area a bit inflamed
I was diagnosed with fatty liver (non alcoholic) 4 years ago and sometimes I take care of myself and sometimes not, so Im afraid this could be a symptom of something else, like cirrhosis, but as well gallbladder stone, the kidneys or the appendix.
Thanks in advance!!
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Hello~I think you need to see a doctor as soon as possible, this could be due to an appendix issue and if so, it will only get worse, that fact that you were vomiting and the pain subsided can be a sign that you best get help and fast as once it does burst, you will not have pain,but the poison will be going through your system. If it has to do with urinary tract, that too is an important issue to be looked into.

Bottom line, don't wait get to the doctor or ER as soon as possible.
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Greetings to all, sorry for not posting before, I went to a check up and I was told that my colon was inflamed, I was given a medicine to normalize the intestinal function and one against amoebas (I finished the treatment and I forgot the names).
It has been almost three weeks since the pain , and everyday the abdominal discomfort get better but I still feel the intestine as tense (something like when you make too much exercise and it hurts ) and an area over the liver (I think) has been more or less feeling like inflamed too.  Could this be a problem with the gallbladder?
I sometimes feel  in that area something like when you eat too much and your tract struggles to pass the food.
It hasn't hurt again like the first time (in fact it does not hurt  at all), in the first days my waste (solid and liquid) were of a color dark brown to yellowish, and there were one/two days I was making few urine. But I started to drink a lot more (of water =p).
I don't know if a blood test or abdominal ultrasound will help?

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If it is the lower right abdomen it could be the appendix. Do you have a fever or have you had any blood tests lately? Sometimes the
complete blood count can indicate that it is the appendix.
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No I didnt have fever nor the tests.  Another thing I had at the time is that I was sweating too much but I feel cold. I hope this hasn't to do with the urinary tract. I have an appoint to a check up.
Im gonna post what was told.
It sounds more like the appendix. You need to see your doctor.
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