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Annual physical

I just turned 18 in July and in November I will be due for a physical. All my life I've had a child wellness visit every year, but now I'm switching from my pediatrician to a family doctor. Will my physical be different from a  child wellness check? I'm not sexually active and I never have been, so will the doctor want to look "down there"? I'm a little nervous because it will be a doctor that I don't know. Can anyone tell me step by step what happens at an 18 year old girls annual physical?
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At my physical the doctor did look "down there" but he didn't really do much else. Other than that it was basically like my child wellness visits, but I had the same doctor through all of them. With a new doctor, he may do a thorough physical like was done when you were younger and first started the yearly visits, and also may talk to you about checking for lumps and teach you how to do a breast check. You can always call the doctor's office and ask the nurse what to expect (Nurses are a fountain of information you will come to embrace). Good luck, and just take a deep breath!
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Thank you
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i was under the impression you could stay with your pediatrician until at least 21. at least that is how it is here in elmira, ny.  it is possible that the doc might want to start doing gyno exams. you can request a female doc. it it makes you more comfortable.  they might ask you some uncomfortable question about your breast health and vaginal health.  it was quite some time ago for me but it is a must and you need to establish a "history" for them to refer back to the next year.  take your mom with you or a female you trust. always have some one with you (and say yes it is ok for them to go in with you) until you get more comfy. hope this helps.
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Thanks it does help
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It might help to have a female physician. I know that I feel alot better about yearly pap smears etc, with a female. There is very little anxiety that I feel with a women looking down there. You have to like your doctor. It's worth checking out a few, until you get one you really like. My doctor is so sweet. It makes growing older alot easier. Hope you find the best doctor for you. No fear.
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