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Anus pain! aand blood.

i am a 18 yr old girl, who experiences  a great deal of pain while having a bowl movement! it feels like someone is stratching my anus while i'm having one! almost hurts to the point of tears! it all started when i was constipated in the begginging of july and had to Push so much that i think it might have ripped!.. but how can the cut heal if i keep needed to have a bowl movement and keep having to push it out cause its to big and hard.. it wont come out by itself!
please help! i've tried changing my diet and nothing changed!
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you do need to have more fiber in your diet, but you also should take care of the hemorrhoids. you can't fix this on fiber alone. you need to mend the tears in your anus.  seriously.  you need to go see a doctor. they diagnose them all the time and will give you some medicine for it.  if you are embarrassed then see a different doctor than your normal family doctor. try a gastroenterologist or another family doctor.
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I agree high fiber and lots of water. You should also see your doctor, don't be embarased because beleive me you are not the first with this problem!
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How have you changed your diet? Lots of fresh fruit: apples, oranges and bananas and prunes are great for your digestive system. Fresh produce is important, yogurt, especially Kefir if you can find it is awesome for digestion. I'd also recommend steel cut oats (like oatmeal but unrefined) and lots of water and herbal tea. Remar is my mama and she's right about seeing a doctor. Are you on medications or are you taking any viatmins or supplements? They can also cause constipation. Hopefully you can get some relief soon, I wish you luck!
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It sounds like you might have hemoroids, I know the spelling is wrong, sorry. You need to add more fiber to your diet and buy some Tucks for the pain. It would'nt hurt to see your Dr. about this to make sure this is the problem. Take care. Remar
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