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I've been living in the same building all my life so 19 years. Yesterday construction workers started working with our bicyclecellar and it seems there have been asbestos because there is a sign for it. Now I'm concerned of my health especially of my lungs because I've been going there time to time for the past 19 years. Should I be concerned?
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So,asbestos if undisturbed will likely not do anything.  It's when it is roughed up during things like construction that it is a problem.  They say the best thing to do with asbestos that is found is to leave it alone.  It's when it is damaged that it is an issue.  Asbestos, unfortunately, was used in a gazillion building products for a period of time from tape in HVAC systems, to tile floors, to insulation, you name it.  Anyway, I lived in an old house for many years that had asbestos and if it is left alone, it won't cause a health problem.  Now, when they started working on it?  NOW it could be a problem for you.  But prior during those 19 years, mostly not.  good luck
Thanks for answering. I wasn't sure how asbestos works but now when you clarified it, I think I shouldn't be concerned. I usually overthink about these things. Now professionals are taking care of it and hopefully removing everything  
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Out of an abundance of caution you could request a chest x-ray from your primary care provider. However the likely hood of developing issues from this exposure is statistically very low. I wish you all the best.
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