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Baby has Hard Knot on Head

I noticed that my 8 month old has a really hard knot on her left eyebrow. I took her to the Dr they said it is part of the bone and she has to have a CAT scan done. I am freaking out. I am scared to death. Can someone please give me some insight.
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My son who is older 6 has had one just above the eyebrow for over a year now it just appeared and they said not to worry, well HELLO I personally don't like bumps. I am glad to know that they are checking it out. they will probably give her something to sedate her before they scan her head it doesn't take too long to scan (sorry I am not sure if you know much about scans)
Sorry I wasn't helpful good luck
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My baby is 15 weeks old and since she was born, she has been developing a hard knot over her left eyebrow.  I've noticed that it has been growing.  We mentioned it to her Dr. and she sent us to get an ultrasound.  The tech said that it was some sort of liquid but didn't say anything else.  The Dr. confirmed that it looked like a liquid but said to keep an eye on it.  It's getting to the point that I want more answers but I can't find any.  Please post anything you find to see if that is what my baby has!  Thanks!!!
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It might be a cyst. can you go to a neurologist?? i know it isn't easy to go to specialist now and days I would push for one.. there is noting like not knowing what is wrong
good luck
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I think I found out more info.  I talked to a co-worker who's baby had a bump appear and the doctor sent them to a surgeon.  The surgeon said it was Pilomatrixoma.  I looked it up and sounds very close to what our baby has.  We are going to talk to the doctor about this.  The articles I found say that this usually gets misdiagnosed as an epidermoid cyst or other types of cysts.  The articles say that this might be more common that they think but most cases are benign.  I hope this helps and I'll let you know what we find out.  Good luck.
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