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Bleeding nipple/pain and small lump under armpit

hey im 17 and recently my left nipple has been bleeding and very very very sore i didn't think anything of it but a couple of days later my armpit has been giving off the worse pain ever cant really close my arm i felt around and felt a lump to the side of my armpit google is saying breast cancer but what do you think it could be?
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Dear, quit looking things up on "goggle" and get to a "REAL" physician ASAP or seek Emergent care.  

This could be a number of things.  
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I don't kno what it is but u really need to go and let a doctor check you out asap---when issues r caught early it could prevent an ongoin illness.
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There is no time to think ab out this, and to guess (guessing is for fortune tellers).  With the signes like this one I would be in the big city emergency room right away.  In there u will get the answer what is going on with u and what options u might have.  Do not wait, time is life worth with such a signes.  My stepsisiter had the same signed and she kept it secret from anyone.  When she fimally realized that she has to open her nouth, it was too late.  She lived three yers then (undergoing the surgery and chymo and radiation).  So, please learn from it, go to the emergency room (preferably in the big city) now, save uself.  Good luck.
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