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Can anyone help with my abdominal pain?

I've been in pain for a year now.  The pain started in the upper right abdomen behind my ribs (gallbladder site).  The doctor first thought it was the gallbladder, so I've had a sono of the liver and gallbladder and then a HIDA scan.  After those I had colonoscopy, EGD, barium CT, and wireless capsule endoscopy.  They've tried numerous drugs to try to help the pain.  Because my back hurts they also did a thoracic MRI.  Finally had an exploratory surgery to which nothing has been found.  Right before I met with the surgeon, I started having difficulty breathing in the shower and when the humidity is high and when just hurrying around. The pain has gotten worse over the year and has spread from the gallbladder site to the far right side behind the ribs.  I'm not sure the back pain is with it or caused by me not sitting right due to the abdomen pain. The surgeon said the gallbladder, liver, and diaphragm all looked good. He did say where I hold my hand (for the pain) is where the right lobe of my lung comes down. I had a pulmonary function test this week (waiting for results), but when they take my blood pressure and put the sensor on my finger, it reads 98% oxygen in blood.
It's a constant pain that doesn't go away, but does get worse the more I do anything that moves the abdomen (so pretty much everything). It doesn't wake me up at night, although it is somewhat painful to sleep on my right side. It helps if I've used an ice pack to numb it before going to sleep. I also can't wear anything tight in the midsection because it hurts. I've bought an XL (wear a M) tank top with a bra shelf, but it too hurts and feels very tight. What I eat doesn't make a difference. Except for the major medicine they give you at the ER, no pain medicines have helped.  
I'm in my 40's, female. I don't drink or smoke, but exposed to second hand smoke from parents, first 20 years and when visiting.  I have had pleurisy and do have asthma, but my breathing problems are not due from either of these.  It's driving me crazy and my doctor is to the point he thinks it's in my mind, so not sure where to turn to.  I did try to set up an appointment with a pulmonologist, but they have to have a referral and not sure if my doctor will. Any help would be great.  Thanks!
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have you tried any alternative doctors??
Such as an acupuncturist or a homeopathic doctor. In china they treat everyone with both Western and Eastern medicine. Most of what we know today is because of thousands of years of Eastern medicine. I have suffered with health problems which vary from digestion to cancer and I always consult with both Western and Eastern doctors to ensure one is not missing something. My chinese medicine doctor was able to locate where all my problems where stemming from and prevented me from having to get surgery.
Now my tests are all coming back normal and had I only listened to Western medicine doctors I would have had unnecessary surgery.
I also don't like the sound of your doctors attitude toward your symptoms being in your head. You need to at least see multiple doctors to get more opinions.
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You said what you eat doesn't make a difference, but have you tried removing all grains? Gluten can have very serious effects. You can read more at mark's daily apple. You may want to find a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner, they are "detectives" who have the goal of finding the cause of your issues and working with your body to naturally get you back to health. I hope one of these helps.
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