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Cant stop vomiting up water, cant hold anything down, should I go to ER?

I woke up this morning, and I can only assume that I drank bad milk in my coffee, I immediately got the chills really really bad, and started throwing up all day.

Ive been trying to hold down water and ginger ale to prevent dehydration, but its not working well and  I still have chills, even though im trying to sleep this off, I wake up sick again and start throwing up.

I am passing out, nodding in and out of sleep, feeling chills, vomiting profusely and trying to put the water back in. I Havent eaten any solids I know I cant.

Should I go to the ER? Can they help? I Have insurance.
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I'm not sure bad milk would be causing this all day.
Do you have the flu?
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It sounds like you might have the flu
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If your vomiting water is a difficult fluid to keep down. I've been told that taking sips of room temp ginger ale with a dash of salt is helpful. Saltine crackers or even ritz crackers that are salted may help you. If you have someone who can get you something from the store you could try Powerade, children's pedialite, emetrol which is an anti emitic found at a drug store or supermarket does work well. Ginger tablets or ginger tea is supposed to help nausea too.  If you go to the ER or urgent care they might be able to give you a shot or an oral prescription for something like zofran, Diclegis or vistaril. I hope you get to feeling better soon! Hope this info helps a little
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