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Chronic Random Faint like / imbalance / fatigue

Hello All

I'm a 36 y/o male suffering from unexplained chronic hard to describe symptons that resemble random bouts of lightheadedness / faintlike / woosy / imbalance / hungover feeling / sensitity to light (not migraine) / mental fog / feels like someone just pulled the rug from under me and i have to catch myself - lasting just a few seconds at any given time of the day.  The feeling is not dominant, it is rather faint from time to time but because perhaps I anticipate it or look for the feeling it is compounded to some degree a level of anxiety.  I am generally very tired and in my mind I just try to manage and cope by fighting off this feeling and willing myself to try to not think about it and not let these moments define my day but it's just extremely difficult to not think about it.  This has been going on for approx 6 months but the same symptoms have plagued me before in my past (about 6 years ago but has remained dormant for years until 6 months ago).

Here's what I know:
My primary doctor checked me out and doesn't know what it is (blood test normal, thyroid, testosterone etc..) Said I don't fit the mold but gave me wellbrutin in case it's anxiety.  I haven't really taken the wellbutrin regularly since I don't know if that's really what's causing this and I'm generally not an anxious peron but may ultimately add it as a regimen given I'm desperate for some relief.  I'm generally happy but because of what's been going on I've really been feeling very off, sad, not knowing what the future holds and just want to get back to my old self.

Neurologist also said MRI Brain and 72 hour Ambulatory EEG yielded no abnormalities.  
Cardiologist and ENT also said everything is fine.

I am generally an allergic person (seasonal allergies, seafood etc) and perhaps it could just be related with allergies despite the common symptons (itchy eyes, runny nose etc.) not manifesting itself right now.  I am taking Zyrtec D even without the symptons in case the antihistamine helps balance me out.  

I'm just so lost and wonder if there's any thoughts as to what I could be going through.  Any thoughts are welcomed eventhough I have probably ran through those scenarios myself.  Thanks for listening.  
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Well my opinion is its environmental, we are being aerial sprayed by many toxins, look up at the sky and watch the documentory 'What on earth are they Spraying'I have had similar symptoms you describe ,for many months now .
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Try to get the ENT or neurologist to check you out for a perilymph fistula.  Good luck, be sure to tell them that you are already on Wellbutrin, whether you are or aren't. I speak from experience.  You will just get more tired and will suffer other symptoms -tinnitus - is one. They will blow that one off. So get started now. Be sure to post your experience here under perilymph fistula, especially if it is positive and how they found it, it may help me!
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I know this is hard to get your head around, but it is anxiety. It is just amazing to me that primary care doctors don't do some depression, anxiety test on their patients so they can put their mind at ease and really explain this is so typical anxiety soon to become depression because the feeling wont go away it seems no matter how much u wish it would,and it is because u are convinced their is something really wrong and now the doctor is referring u to all these doctors and it keeps the anxiety and fear and worry going on and on and on. I had the same thing go on and off for a couple of years, and it all started when the primary care doc agreed to send me to every doc. under the sun to make me happy but all it did was keep my anxiety going into orbit, as I was desperatly seeking the REAL answer to my woosines and off balance feeling and every single symptom u have I had exactly, like u. I am 62 years old and didn't know I really had bad anxiety until 10 years ago. But know looking back I have had it forever. I feel soooo bad for u because it was a living hell and thought I would never be normal again. Go onto anxietycentre.com it is a very good web site and please don't go looking on the internet for everything that could be wrong with you it scares people with anxiety and U HAVE NONE OF WHAT U READ,  IT IS ONLY ANXIETY. I PROMISE U.As soon as u get it and believe it and are convinced this is anxiety ur syptoms will all start going away. It took me a year to believe it before my symptoms went away. But u need to get educated on what anxiety can do to ur bodt and the syptoms it brings on and stop going from doc to doc it just perpetuates the adrenaline and fear and anxiety etc. Please just spend ur time understanding anxiety and u will get better quickly. You do need to try an anti anxiety med most likely, to help speed things along.Good luck my heart is with u. Please keep me updated. I will try to help any way I can
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I can almost tell you exactly what is going on with you with confidence.  I had the exact same symptoms back years ago.  I finally got diagnosed in 2005 with lyme disease.  I had identical symptoms.  I had an elisa test which is the blood test in the cdc for the "normal" test and it came back as negative and I continued to get much worse and it turned chronic.  I got to the point I could barely walk.  It was horrible.  I had a friend that had been to a lyme conference suggest getting another test from Igenex lab in California and I called order the kit and had it done and sure enough it was positive.  Their test is a more sensitive than the elisa.  When lyme disease is chronic it will not show up on a normal blood test.  I hope this helps you.  I remember how bad I was with fatigue, off balance etc.  It is a horrible disease.  Please let me know if I can do anything to help you.  I have pamphlets that I send to people for the LDA.  
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