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Clicking sound coming from chest

I've been having this clicking or ticking sound coming from my chest and at random times. Sounds like a clock. I have Graves disease, hyperinflated lungs, and extreme shortness of breath. I showed my doctor audio I took of it and she looked dumbfounded. I have a lot of health issues because I did not treat my Graves 10 yrs ago like I should have and now it's destroying me. Anyone know what it might be? She thought maybe hamman syndrome until she actually heard it. I don't think she even knows.  
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Wow, that sounds very unusual.  Do you have anything like Gerd?  I know that is a long shot but I've heard noises coming from higher than my stomach before myself.  But otherwise, I really don't know!  See what specialist your doctor recommends you see for evaluation.  Obviously you want to make sure your heart is in good order first.  good luck
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I uploaded the recording  to YouTube to listen to
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Hello~I have not heard of this happening before, if it continues to bother you I would ask to see a specalist, it could just be muscular.
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What do y mean by muscular?
By muscular, I mean it could be due to tight muscles or inflammation.  There is some blood work that can tell if it is due to inflammation, and the tightness can be helped with massage.
I uploaded the recording  to YouTube to give better idea
Thanks for posting that, you are right, it does indeed sound exactly like a clock ticking. I am going to be honest, I have not heard of this before. I did some research just now and also came across Hammans-signs. It is rare and does cause extreme shortness of breath. Other than that, I just don't know what to tell you or what it is. I would certainly find another doctor, and asked him/her about Hammans-sign. Possibly a doctor that specializes in lung and heart issues would be beneficial.
Thank u. My doctor said she thinks it's a hamman sign and put me on metoprolol then increased my dose. I have extreme shortness of breath and lungs are hyperexpanded on chest xray. I am seeing many specialist..
All but cardio. Not sure why she hasn't referred me to that one yet.
Were u able to find audio of the hamman sign? Ive been trying to find one to compare but can't
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