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Concerning leg pain

Hi, I'm new to this and am unsure where to post this, but here goes.

A few months ago I developed a large unexplained bruse on my calf that didn't hurt and I had no idea where it came from. After a couple of weeks it went away. A few weeks later, I went on a trip to Florida and while walking around the parks my calf started to pain. After a few days my leg started to go numb so I went to the hospital, where they did an ultrasound that came up negative. I then just rested for the remainder of my trip and went home, where the pain slowly got better.
Between then and now my calf has pained slightly every now and then, but nothing to concerning. However, recently my leg has really started to hurt.
It's fine in the morning but as the day goes on and I'm walking around a bit, my leg become more painful, initially starting from the calf but spreading to other parts of my leg such as the lower leg to thigh. The pain does not go away with resting throughout the day, but seems to stay the same. By nighttime it gets pretty bad and I am limping a fair bit. However, once I sleep, the next morning the leg is fine. My doctor says that it's just muscle related but the pain feels too weird to be just strained or torn. I'm not an athlete and this never happened before, so I'm not very familiar with what torn muscles would feel like anyway

Also, along with the pain, my leg feels heavy and numb

Any help would be appreciated and would help ease my mind, thanks
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There is a tiny and useless muscle in your calf with a very long and fragile tendon attached. This is called the plantaris and can rupture sometimes with very little or no provocation.Ruptured plantaris would be my guess and that seems to be what your doctor thinks as well.
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Is it normal for that muscle/tendon to cause mildly sharp localized pain(almost like someone scratching your leg with a needle) around the calf and ankles? And I'm guessing to treat it I just have to stay off it right?

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It could be a pinched nerve in your lower back. Try seeing an osteopath or chiropractor, after they do an x-ray, they will be able to determine if this is the case.

Also,could be phlebitis, have they done an MRI or cat-scan on the area?
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No, I haven't had an MRI or a cat scan done, my doctor doesn't believe it is that serious and has only ordered xrays on the leg and pelvis area, which haven't come back yet. So I'm just wearing a leg brace and waiting for the results.

Thanks for your responses though!
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As an update, I'm still waiting for my X-ray results and some blood work results. The pain iny leg does seem to get worse, with the section below the calf feeling colder than my other leg. As well, the pain is getting worse, Feeling almost cramp like in the evenings. I'm seeing my doctor again in a few days to discuss these new symptoms and hopefully get my results back.
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